Community-Led Orientation : A Guide to Network Leadership

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Are you a network leader? Leading a network is a skill that is needed more and more in today’s working life, but a previous position as a supervisor and years of experience do not guarantee anything in networks. A network is uncontrollable, it cannot be ordered around nor controlled, and every member of the network can influence its operations. If you want to realise your own will i.e. lead the network, you need to get the others to understand your point of view, entice people to cooperate, listen to others, and tolerate diversity and critique.

In a network you orientate everyone into a culture where you communicate efficiently as well as ask for and give feedback. In a network you cannot e.g. not inform others about how the project is coming along, or merely announce things after all the decisions have been made, but rather, all information should be open. On the other hand, openness does not mean the same as drowning people in information so that no one can keep up. The flow of information in a network needs good tools, and you need to be able to measure your success.

Leading a network is not easy, but it is rewarding. A network is support and safety, a source of learning and development, and a key to new opportunities and new collaborative partners. Your network might be quite like-minded with you, or it might consist of sharply differing people, but the most important thing is that you recognise people’s differing motivations and needs.

This book gives tips and examples on how you can be a network leader who achieves results and a good spirit. If you want to develop as a network leader, this book is for you!