How to Create a Team that Leads Itself

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A group should work as a team, but one team member doesn’t show up at meetings, another is doing all the work of the others, and nobody in the team dares to give critical feedback. Usually these problems are handled by a supervisor. What if the team worked as a community-led team, without a supervisor? 

Working in a community-led team challenges the team members to grow as people and to take responsibility for the whole group. The key word here is communication.

This book presents the model of a community-led team, which can help a team to learn step by step to work without a supervisor, and to further develop the team’ previous working methods.

With the help of this model, we started to understand what teamwork is about. We lacked many of the basics, and therefore we couldn’t cooperate in a natural way around work tasks. By focusing on the right matters, we fixed the team’s internal communication, and we are able to react quickly to changing situations.

Personnel of a start-up company

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About the author

Hey! I’m Karl-Johan Spiik, Kalle among friends.

I have been studying the anatomy of teams and community controllability for years. Based on this information and my own experiences, I put together an online course that anyone can use to shape their team into a cooperative one.

I have worked for more than 15 years in co-managed teams and based on that I formed my own model supported by community management theories.

What is Community-Led Team?

The model comprises three stairs: Teamwork basics in order, Shared leadership, and Community-led team. On the first stair Teamwork basics, all the basic matters needed for a functioning team are inspected, irrespective of the presence or absence of supervisors in that team. On the second stair Shared leadership, various matters concerning teamwork and cooperation are trained. This middle stair is also suitable for traditional teams with a supervisor. The third stair Community-led team covers the aspects of coaching leadership and not having a supervisor.

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